Construction Updates


The construction of the New Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital consists of seven phases. Phase 4 was completed in 2011, and patients were moved into the new wings in February 2012.


The rest of the project entails demolishing and rebuilding part of the existing hospital building, which will connect to the new buildings. These last few phases should be completed in 2018.

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What's next?

Phase 5: Winter 2014


Numerous areas in the original hospital were vacated when the new wings were occupied in February 2012, marking the beginning of Phase 5. See map of  Phase 5 work >>


Phase 5 consists mostly of preparation for, and demolition of, several buildings in phases, which clears the path for future construction (Phase 6) in late 2015.


Demolition of the North Wing (Building F) is expected to be completed by April 2013.  After that work is complete, we will begin work on a small “link building” (3,300 sq. ft.) which is expected to begin in June 2013 and be completed by August 2014. This link building will provide a connection between our original hospital and the recently completed Patient Pavilions. 


Construction on Phase 5 of the new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital continues with:

Phase 5 Updates:
  •  5/22/14
  •  3/4/14
  •  11/12/13
  •  8/15/13
  •  5/13/13
  •  2/11/13
  •  11/15/12

Map of Phase 5 work


The New Santa Barbara
Cottage Hospital

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  • Installation of two 40,000-gallon underground water tanks
  • Footings and foundation for the new Link building, to connect the East Wing to the Centennial Wing
  • Construction of three new conference rooms and restrooms (1 East)
  • Construction of new Medical Staff offices and Nursing Administration offices (2 East)
  • Construction of new Therapy Services and Cardiac Rehabilitation space (2 East)

The Endoscopy Department is now located on 2 East, and the Cardiology Department will open on 2 East in December 2013. Construction of the new iMRI / Angio / Brain Lab Suite in Surgery is expected to begin in December 2013.


Quarterly Project Updates: 


May 22, 2014

Framing for the Link Building and peripheral projects is at 90% complete and Drywall is roughly 50% complete. Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP’s) for the Link Building is substantially complete and is in progress in adjacent areas. The Exterior Skin Wall on the East Wing is substantially complete. Work in the Emergency Department Parking Lot is expected to start in Q3 of 2015.


March 4, 2014

The superstructure which consists of reinforced concrete for the Link Building is complete. The Exterior Skin on the East Wing is framed and sheathed. The vaults for the underground emergency water tanks are complete and ready to accept the tank installation in late March 2014.


November 12, 2013

Structural Steel and Concrete for the Conference Room Infill is complete. Concrete footings for the Link Building are complete and concrete walls for the Emergency Water Storage tanks are well underway.


August 15, 2013

Shoring is complete. Structural concrete for the Conference Room Infill and the Link Building is ongoing.


May 13, 2013

Shoring for the Centennial Wing (Emergency Department) is underway, with excavation to follow in the next month. Foundations for the Link Building should begin in July. Foundations for the Conference Room Infill under the east wing are underway.


February 11, 2013

The demolition of the North Wing (Building F) is now complete.  The demolition contractor continues with some small miscellaneous demolition projects such as removing the old tunnel under the North Wing. Shoring and excavation for the link building is expected to start in April.


November 15, 2012

The shoring piles necessary for the demolition of the North Wing (Bldg. F) are complete. Interior abatement and demolition are substantially complete. We expect to start the exterior demolition of the North Wing on or around 11/15/12.


Procurement of the Link and Conference buildings is under way and completion is expected by January 2013.


August 20, 2012

Phase 5 is currently in the process of mobilizing demolition and shoring contractors.  We anticipate interior demolition and abatement to begin in the next couple of weeks after we receive APCD clearances.  We anticipate the shoring contractor to be on-site setting the first 11 piles in early September.  Site fencing has been installed in front of the North Wing, and we are currently tunneling for underground utilities in and around the North Wing.  Hard demolition is expected to begin late this year.


Construction Timeline


Spring 2012: Occupy Oak Park, Ridley-Tree, and Junipero Pavilions


Spring 2012: Prepare for demolition of original North Wing


Spring 2013 through Summer 2014: Construct "Link" building


Summer 2014: Prepare for demolition of original Central and South wings


Summer 2014: Remodel East Wing into conference facilities


2015: Begin construction of additional patient pavilion


A little history

August 2005:  Groundbreaking for the new hospital

October 2006:  Parking structure for 633 vehicles completed at corner of Pueblo & Castillo Streets

June 2007: Parking structure for 500 employee vehicles opens on Bath Street

July 2007: Orfalea Children’s Center opens offering childcare programs for infants up to pre-K.

Fall 2008: Completion of the new Energy Center


July 9, 2009: “Topping Out” Ceremony to place one of the final structural steel beams onto the future diagnostic & treatment center.


Through 2011: Construction of two patient pavilions along Pueblo Street, between Castillo Street and Oak Park Lane, and the diagnostic and treatment center on Junipero St.


February 12, 2012: Patients and staff moved into the new pavilions.


Spring - Fall 2012: Preparations for Phase 5, demolition of North Wing and construction of "link" building, to make way for the additional new pavilion and renovation of several existing buildings.

What else we've done since September 2005

  • Built and opened the new 633-space Pueblo Parking Structure for patients, visitors, volunteers and physicians. It includes bicycle facilities for staff (to encourage alternative transportation) and the Park Place Deli, open to all.
  • Built and opened a new 530-space parking structure behind the Knapp Building for hospital employees.
  • Constructed an $8 million underground storm drain culvert beneath four blocks, to protect the neighborhood from flood waters. We've also done extensive underground utility work in preparation for bringing the Energy Center online.
  • Built and opened the Orfalea Children's Center on Castillo, providing a delightful and expanded setting for Cottage's highly regarded employee child-care programs.
  • Opened the Cottage Center for Advanced Imaging, a sophisticated outpatient radiology center at 2410 Fletcher Avenue.
  • Constructed the $38 million Energy Center (power plant) at the corner of Junipero and Bath Street. The building with all of its functions went live in 2008.